Skincare Made for YOU

We, at AlpStories, are innovators who believe that EVERY SKIN IS UNIQUE.

We recognize that each individual deserves a healthy alternative that is truly customizable and therefore designed AlpStories as an answer to the blanket approach of skincare mass production ("one size fits all") and to high priced personalized recommendations.

Our Commitment

AlpStories isn’t just our name, it is a pledge to high performance organic ingredients, sustainably sourced in the European Alps, and to producing the healthiest beauty products in the industry that are truly unique and address your skin concerns and personal preferences.

We are combining cutting-edge technology with high performance ingredients found in nature. Backed by powerful science, our BeautyWizard guides you to create your custom formula for your skin needs and even assists you to choose your favorite ingredients.

Your made-to-order beauty product is instantly produced by our fully automated robotic production ...... impeccably fresh with zero waste.

Innovation for You

Besides using only the high potency organic ingredients, AlpStories provides you with our BeautyWizard, an advanced algorithm that guides you through skin analysis and assists you to create your formula and to choose your favorite botanical ingredients.

Our innovative BeautyWizard platform automatically generates the right combination and concentration of ingredients to deliver high performance results tailored to your skin need. There are millions of different variations depending on ingredients, fragrances, concentration, skin need... all individualized to your skin.

Your made-to-order product not only nourishes, protects and revives your skin, it also complements your unique image, your lifestyle and choices.


Nature meets Future

Our innovation does not end with creating your custom formula, we provide you with a smart factory on your phone or through our AlpStories website.

Your made-to-order beauty products are immediately produced by our dual-arm robot, named Balthazar, which helps you to precisely mix the organic ingredients of your choice and even prints your personalized label.

Our innovative robotic manufacturing system is also a pledge to our philosophy, completely eliminate all forms of waste. Consciously contributing to our fauna and planet’s conservation.

Natural Ingredients. Proven by Science

AlpStories was born from our commitment to excellent quality and is dedicated to creating high performance skincare products to nourish and complement your unique skin. We use hand harvested, organic botanicals from the European Alps, grown in nutrient dense, fertile soil, yielding premium quality ingredients that provide more bioavailable benefits to our skin than those grown using more commercial methods.

At AlpStories, we believe that everything necessary to look beautiful is contained in nature, which is why we pride ourselves on manufacturing sustainably created skin care products that leave a low carbon footprint, do no testing on animals and comply with the highest global standards for beauty. 

We take pride in creating the very best innovative skin care products that we can make and using high concentrations of active ingredients in our formulas.