Marigold Facial Cream & Oil Duo Organic


The high-performance Marigold duo nourishes your skin with the highest combined concentration of pure active botanicals. 

The bright golden petals and nutrients within the seeds of the marigold flower (calendula) facial cream contain potent vitamins for nourishing the skin that include fighting inflammation and damage from UV rays. Say goodbye to free radicals that cause signs of aging as marigolds also assist with general skin healing and repair. The trifecta of marigold, almond and shea help with calming the skin and all day moisture while delivering on irresistible softness and a soothing natural fragrance.

Fragrant and sweet marigolds are a wonderful oil for applying to skin, and this product combines marigold oil with sunflower and is boosted with vitamin E. Some benefits of this floral oil include their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to positively impact collagen in the skin. Marigold oil can be strengthening and reparative, resulting in hydrated and radiant skin.

Active ingredients are from certified organic farming. Vegan product.

Volume 1.69 oz (each)

  • Paraben free
  • Mineral oils free
  • Artificial colors free
  • Synthetic fragrances free
  • Silicones free
  • CRUELTY free

How to use facial cream: Use as a daily and night moisturizer. Massage gently on thoroughly cleaned skin. 

How to use oil: Apply to face, body or hair and gently massage in.

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