Customized Facial Oils are a Must.

When we perceive the words skin and oil, in the same sentence, our mind automatically thinks it is a recipe for disaster. However, oil sometimes can lead you on the path to radiant and glowing skin, especially when you choose to customize it! As bizarre as this can sound, facial oils can work miracles on several skincare issues and woes, transforming the dull and drab into gorgeous and fab.

In the skincare and beauty market, facial oils seem to be everywhere now. But what is the reason for all the hype about them? If you are not too familiar with them or still deciding if you want to incorporate one into your skincare regime, I can help you decide. Want to give facial oils a try? Let me do a quick breakdown of some unique ingredients that you can choose when creating your own custom facial oil and see what benefits your skin can reap from the freshest ingredients harvested from the mountains of the alps.

Healthy Skin and the Oil in the Same Sentence?

You never see the words healthy skin and oily in the same sentence or it just sounds bizarre or an oxymoron. Your skin has natural oils, but an overabundance of that oil can make your face look shiny, greasy and leave you prone to breakouts. Um, no thanks. However, on the other hand, if your skin produces too little oil, your skin can become dull, drab, flakey, itchy, and irritated. This is where your customized facial oil can save the day and might be just what the doctor ordered

A Quick Historical Look into Facial Oils  

So, if you already didn’t know, facial oils have been used for thousands of years in history and even skincare. It is believed that the ancient pharaohs and Egyptians utilized various plant-based oils on their face and body. For the women of ancient Greece, olive oil was their go-to moisturizer.

Facial Oils, what are They?

Not everyone is a skincare expert or may know a thing or two related to skincare. Let me educate you on a few things; facial oils contain oil-soluble ingredients. Usually, they are composed of botanical oils and ingredients. In our case, when you customize your facial oil, you can choose from an array of Alpine Botanicals, fresh from the Alps. So, your skin gets to experience the beauty and freshness of the alps without ever leaving your home. Who doesn’t want to experience a little bit of a staycation?  

Different oils tackle distinct skin issues and concerns. Most fascial oils do not require preservatives; however, sometimes vitamin E is used by skincare companies to help extend the oil's shelf life.

But with My AlpStory, we dont have products sitting on a shelf. When you make a custom facial oil, it is made to order. That is the beauty of personalized skincare. You don’t have to play the guessing game of how fresh it is or how long it has been sitting around. Skincare fanatics use facial oils as part of their everyday skincare routine to soften, hydrate and smooth their skin. Are you ready to join the party?

Plant-Based Skincare Ingredients You Should Know

Present-day, ample chemicals are added to the skincare products we are persuaded to buy, which mimic all-natural ingredients. How terrible is that?

My fellow #skincarejunkies, you may not know just how skin-friendly botanicals can be. From nurturing and protecting troubled skin, balancing oil production, and (my favorite) eliminating the signs of aging. Only a few of the many natural, skin-friendly botanicals that could easily replace products you might currently be using include:

  • Borage Seed Oil
  • Sea Buckthorn

My AlpStory has Found a Way for You!

As already mentioned, custom beauty products are the best way to suit your skin’s needs since no one has the same skin concerns.  My AlpStory substantially has found a way for us to collect all the benefits from naturally occurring Alpine botanicals, and this is what My AlpStory uses in your formula.

Let us get acquainted with a few Alpine botanicals that you can choose as some of your ingredients for your personalized skincare products you can make yourself after you have gone through brief skin diagnostics.

Borage Seed Oil

Any of you ladies suffer from the following:

      • dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • rosacea
  • eczema
  • acne
  • inflammation
  • Then look to borage seed oil to be your saving grace. Get ready to fall in love with the soothing properties that borage seed oil can have on your skin. It is light in texture and will not leave your skin feeling greasy or oily. If you are going to the extreme using numerous all-natural ingredients or feel like your skin needs some extra TLC, look to borage seed oil as your skin’s solution

Benefits of Borage Seed Oil in Skincare

The essential asset of the borage seed oil is its exorbitant concentration of a kind of vital fatty acid called (GLA or gamma-linolenic)

The GLA’s found in borage seed oil make it a skin defender at calming your #dryskin while improving your skin’s natural moisture barrier, which will leave it supple, firm, and glowing.

Does Borage Seed Oil Work on all Skin Types?

Absolutely. Anyone that suffers from dry skin, like me, can benefit the best from the usage of borage seed oil. The oil will sustain your skin in the areas it is lacking.

Moving onto Sea Buckhorn

What is one of the best ways to assure healthy and resilient skin, you ask? It would help if you refreshed it with skin nutrients, duh, but I bet you already know this. Let me throw one more question at you. What is another thing you can do for healthy skin? It would help if you discovered an ingredient that comes loaded with top-notch vitamins that will nurture your skin; this is your notable discovery. Even more, the reason to personalize your skincare, custom facial oil and custom beauty products.  What am I talking about, my friends? Sea Buckthorn oil is inordinately abundant with vitamins and nutrients that, in turn, work together to increase complete skin health and radiant complexion.

So, What Exactly is Sea Buckthorn?

Sea Buckthorn is a little berry that grows on a shrub found in the frigid mountains of Europe and Asia. And pretty much like all herbs and botanicals, was used in ancient times to heal ailments. Two types of sea buckthorn oil come from the plant: fruit oil and fruit pulp. Both oils provide delicious skin advantages. I didn’t know that there is an omega 3, 6,7, and 9; anyhow, the seed oil from the buckthorn contains all three, making it perfect for #aging and #dryskin. Did I lose anyone between all the different types of omegas? This can get your focus back; these oils work beautifully to calm inflamed and irritated skin. In any case, the sea buckthorn is the bomb for us for #skinenthusiasts

The Vitamin Profile of Sea Buckthorn

Who could have guessed that this tiny tomato-looking berry could be a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients?

I am talking about the affluence of vitamins that can sustain and strengthen your skin.

I don’t know about you, but so far, this is my favorite ingredient, and I think it is the most perfect for a personalized skincare product.

Sea Buckthorn for Acne

The oil from Sea Buckthorn is exceptionally a godsend for anyone that suffers from acne.

It leads the oil glands to stop creating an overflow of sebum. In turn, this steers a decrease in stubborn acne breakouts, also preventing future ones.

You can use sea buckthorn oil to help diminish old acne scars, heal current blemishes while giving your skin a smoother-looking texture.

Sea Buckthorn for Anti-Aging

For anti-aging skin, sea buckthorn oil is one of the top favs as an ingredient. It keeps your skin hydrated, helps produce more collagen that, in turn, makes your skin plump, evens out fine lines #skintone and #wrinkles.

Facial oils are just awesome. Now Throw in Customization, and OH MY

Basically, Facial Oils have 7 Magical Powers.

  • They can reduce your wrinkles.
  • They're good for dry skin.
  • They protect your skin.
  • They're the perfect primer for makeup.
  • They can minimize huge looking pores.
  • They sooth and calm irritated skin or rashes.
  • They are great getting rid of existing breakout and prevent future ones.

Facial oils are high in identical skin ingredients. They are lovely to replenish the skin’s natural oil content, as pure plant oils naturally affinity the skin. By applying face oils, your skin can better absorb the pure, natural botanical actives to restore its health.

Using the Right Facial Oil

  • Now one thing you need to know is that not all facial oil is equal. This means that different oils have different skin benefits they offer.

    Also, this is what is so fantastic about facial oils. Now throw customization in, and you will have a healthy- formulated facial oil tailored to you and YOUR skin’s needs. If you are new to using facial oils, give yourself time to adjust, but I promise, in no time, you will be in love and be wondering why it took you so long to discover how magical they are.

Customizing Facial Oils

  • The desire to try facial oil can be exciting and scary at the same time. There is a vast selection to pick from in the skincare world, but don’t worry, we are going to make it easy for you. Customize!!! When you make your formula, there is no worry to read labels and waste precious time trying to pick one that may or may not be suitable for your skin. Only you know what your skin needs, which is why personalizing your skincare is the only way to go.

    The option of customizing face oils also gives you the flexibility to change your skincare routine that caters to your skin’s needs at any time. Everyone’s skin care needs can change any time due to stress, diet or weather. Sometimes, you just need to change it up to wake it up, hello gorgeous facial oil you.

Is it Love?

We see it all over social media, personalized skincare, this, and that. But what makes My AlpStory the best is that we offer Alpine Botanicals as the main ingredient. There is no other skincare company around that can offer these precious ingredients for customization. No doctor, and no other person is making choices for your custom facial oil, only YOU, along with the help of our Alpine Beauty Expert.

My AlpStory knows your skin is distinct and has a better way for you and your skin. Are you ready for some spring cleaning and throw out all your commercialized skincare products? Since honestly, you don’t know how pure the ingredients are form other brands. But with My AlpStory you know what you are putting on your face. We all have five minutes to spare. Use yours today and create your own custom facial oil or custom body oil. Get ready to take your personalized skincare quiz NOW!