Why Natural Ingredients Are Better for Your Skin and Work with Personalized Skincare


Time to wake up.


We jump in the shower, wash our face with whatever face wash we are in love with now, use the latest and most fabulous body wash that everyone is using on Instagram, wash our hair, and then get out.


Time to coat our face and body in whatever moisturizer is closest to our reach, with tons more stashed away in our closet. Oh, then time to move on to our makeup routines.


The process is endless, but we get it done, not that we must, but since we want to look fantastic for the day. Do you ever wonder how many products you use and are involved in your daily routine? And how many and, better yet, what type of ingredients are we exposing ourselves to?



Probably not, but it's time to start being more aware of our choices regarding our beauty and skincare products. We all know the benefits of having a solid daily skincare routine; however, to make it a little easier and to feel more secure about what goes on your skin, why not change a thing by having a personalized skincare routine with products you create? More on this in a bit.


So, you already know that skin is your largest organ in the body. Your skin acts as a blockage to the daily pollutants and toxins you will encounter. However, when you go ahead and plaster hazardous and toxic ingredients onto your skin, you are interfering with your skin's capabilities to restore, renew, protect, and demand you from pollutants.


The whole point is that if you make the wrong choices regarding your beauty and skincare products and their ingredients, you will be doing your body a considerable injustice.


Natural ingredients are the safest alternative you have when it comes to your skincare.


However, not all-natural ingredients are deemed comparable. Some can harm your skin which is the opposite of what we want. This is just one more reason why personalized skincare is the best alternative. You know what you are putting on your skin since you select what ingredients go into your formula you create. No one else makes the decisions but you, and with that, your skin is kept safe from harm or toxic ingredients.


If you are new to personalized skincare, know if it gives you options. For those that don't follow the personalized skincare train just yet, make sure you understand the benefits of the natural skincare ingredients you are using and know that you are selecting the correct ones for your skin needs. Let's check out Why Natural Ingredients Are Better for Your Skin and Work with Personalized Skincare

All-Natural Ingredients Improve Your Everyday Beauty

Pure and all natural ingredients can repair damaged skin, on the inside and out. For example, when a natural ingredient like vitamin C immerses your skin, it increases blood flow. Oxygen into your skin boosts collagen production, healing and rebuilding your skin from pollution and environmental stressors. What is the result, you ask? A smoother-looking complexion with fewer wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Say hello to firm and tighter skin and your skin's increased ability to protect itself from outside elements.

Pure and All-Natural Ingredients Are Delicate on Your Skin

Pretty much all the skincare products you see lined up on store shelves contain fillers that are not needed. Fillers can aggravate your hair and skin, and even worse, can cause long-term damage. Umm, no, thank you. When you use all-natural ingredients in your beauty and skincare products, they are gentler on your skin. And over time, you will have healthy and fabulous-looking skin. Yes, please, no thank you fillers.

Sensitive Skin Types Respond Better to All Natural Ingredients

If you are like me, you know the woes that come with sensitive skin. The unpleasant irritation, itching, and sometimes painful results due to hazardous and toxic ingredients. Make sure to use pure, wholesome skincare ingredients since they are less caustic and much more soothing.


Personalized skincare is the ultimate lifesaver for sensitive skin. Skin ingredients such as almond oil, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, arnica, and chamomile are gentle and mild on sensitive skin. If you have a significant skin flare-up, these are some superhero ingredients to investigate for your personalized formula.


Less Concern Over Side Effects

Commonly manufactured beauty, health/wellness, and skincare products use a scary word we should all know, if we are genuine, #skincarejnkies, that is parabens.


These ugly, toxic ingredients are preservatives to make the product last longer and collect dust on a drug store shelf. Also, these synthetic parabens copy your body's natural hormones and are just not safe.


On the other hand, with all-natural ingredients and personalized skincare, there is nothing synthetic! 



Sustainably and Earth Friendly


Your every day, common products add hazardous toxins to your body and skin and are bad for the environment. They can have a substantial negative impact that can be released into the air we breathe, water, and much more. We all love our animals; that's why we make sure to use cruelty-free skincare and beauty products and eco-friendly ones as well.


Personalizing your skincare by making a custom facial cream or facial oil will help reduce your carbon footprint. Now, if only everyone would do that, maybe then we could all change global warming.


Ready to Get Started on Your Own Customized Made Product

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