Make Your Own Custom Skincare Products Using Alpine Botanicals (Part One)

The craze of using botanicals in your skincare routine is nothing new. For what seems like a million years ago, our ancestors used botanicals' magic for skin issues to keep up sound skin health. I’d be jealous if your ancestor were Cleopatra. She was known to use botanicals as skin healing and beauty treatments, calendula being a well-known one. Anyway, back to the 21st century, or 3rd millennium whichever way you want to see it. The days of beauty and skincare products are jam-packed with ingredients like fragrance and parabens that are slowly fading out, and the clean, gentle, organic, and vegan ingredients are the new mania in the industry. No matter where you turn, your head, cover of magazines, tv commercials, and of course, social media, most companies are advertising this new clean and pure way. Of course, with our curiosity spiked, we start to look around to see what is out there and what we can afford. However, do we take a moment to think about what is best for our own skincare needs, or are we too wrapped in the social media circus? The cleanest and purest form of skincare would be customized skincare products. Ladies, if you make your own skincare products, you can choose from a wide variety of botanicals to help your #skincareneeds. More on this in a bit. Plants are power and remedy pretty much anything from our physical health to skin health. Some botanicals can make a world of difference on your lovely face, especially Alpine Botanicals.

Here are a few of my favorite things, la la la,… . (If you do not get that now, you will by the end of this series) Read this little miniseries I have prepaid. The ingredients are way to luscious to share in just one part, not only for their impeccable benefits, but their absolutely stunning looks.

First, What are Botanicals?

Ready for a small lesson in botany? Botanicals are all-powerful plant oils and extracts. They are derivatives of berries, flowers, nuts, roots, seeds, and herbs. When these ingredients are used correctly, they can work miracles for your skin. This is why botanicals are now a huge hit and included as main ingredients in beauty and skincare products.

So, What is Natural Skincare? Why is it Better?

Another quick science lesson, sorry, ladies, but it is essential to know these things. So, you should already know that our skin acts as a safeguarding barrier to the outside world's elements. But, what you may not know is that your skin behaves more like a sponge than anything else. Over 60% of the products you apply to your face is absorbed directly into your skin daily.

Hopefully, you are not using chemical-infused products for your skincare routine. If you are (cover your eyes now), most likely, you are subjecting your skin to over 130 chemicals on average. That is a scary fact. Even though we have been told that these chemicals used in our beauty and skincare products are nontoxic and harmless, roughly 90% have never been tested thoroughly for safety. You are led to believe that you are using the highest quality products, but instead, these skincare products just awful. This means that you and I, as skincare consumers, may have been using brands that are causing harm to their skin. So, Ladies listen up; you can lower your risk to several conceivably damaging chemicals. You can do this by embracing unrefined and adequate alternatives that are paraben-free and chemical-free, so your skin is not exposed. So, let’s get down to business and learn how to Make Your Own Customized Skincare Products Using Alpine Botanicals. Doing this and using other #organic ingredients, are a perfect solution for keeping your skin safe from harmful components and pollutants.

Plant-Based Skincare Ingredients You Should Know

Present-day, an ample number of chemicals are added to the skincare products we are persuaded to buy, which mimic all-natural ingredients. How terrible is that?

My fellow #skincarejunkies, you may not know just how skin-friendly botanicals can be. From nurturing and protecting troubled skin, balancing oil production, and (my favorite) eliminating the signs of aging. Only a few of the many natural, skin-friendly botanicals that could easily replace products you might currently be using include:

  • Edelweiss
  • Arnica Montana
  • St Johns Wart
  • Sea Buckhorn

We will focus on the above Alpine Botanicals in part one of this series.

  • Borage Seed Oil
  • Common Comfrey
  • Alpine Willowherb

The remainder of these plant-based ingredients will be in part two of this series.

My AlpStory has Found a Way for You!

As already mentioned, custom beauty products are the best way to suit your skin’s needs since no one has the same skin concerns.   My AlpStory substantially has found a way for us to collect all the benefits from naturally occurring Alpine botanicals, and this is what My AlpStory uses in your formula.

Let us get acquainted with a few alpine botanicals that you can choose as some of your ingredients for your personalized skincare products you can make yourself after you take a brief #skincarequiz.


Edelweiss for Skincare

Ever watch the Sound of Music as a kid or heard the song “The Hills are Alive?” Numerous people are familiar with the Edelweiss flower from this movie and song. My AlpStory’s character logo is that of the Edelweiss flower that is not only known for its beauty but also for its tough and powerful capabilities. Delicate and alluring, this flower favors the immense altitudes of the European Alps. It's distinctively wooly and dainty; petals are believed to become adapted to the alps' harsh and frigid conditions for its protection.

Edelweiss’s robust nature has an extended history of being used as a folk medicine for respiratory and stomach issues. Present-day, it has increased and hosts endless skin benefits to include protection from UV rays, anti-inflammation, and anti-aging.

An All-Powerful Anti-Aging Agent

Who does not want to get a head start on the fight against anti-aging? I know I do. Edelweiss is rich in antioxidants, which is a strong contender for the battle against anti-aging skin. Antioxidants are known to fight free radicals that are damaging mixtures that can disturb your skin’s essential cells for your body to function, causing health issues, thus leading to fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and loose, saggy skin. Yikes, no one wants that, so act now and get an early start on the fight against the anti-aging battle and choose Edelweiss as your number one ingredient for custom skincare products and custom beauty products. Your skin will thank you for helping look years younger. Put down your orange juice; want to know an interesting fact? The extract from Edelweiss has even more potency than vitamin C. This will keep your skin firm, soft, and wrinkle-free.

So, have the best of both worlds, drink up, and use Edelweiss in your personalized skincare formula.

An Unrefined Sun Protectant

If you look at Edelweiss petals, you can notice tiny little hairs that protect the plants from the harsh UV rays it can experience from the mountain's high altitudes. The scientific community went nuts when it discovered that these tiny hairs extracted from Edelweiss also act as an organic and natural sunblock when applied to protect your skin from premature aging and even skin cancer.

Don't delay! For the time it takes to listen to the whole song “The Hills are Alive,” you can take your personalized skincare quiz and be on your way to creating your unique skincare formula. PS, watch the movie if you haven’t seen it. They do not call it a “classic” for nothing, and now you have some history behind the film! You are welcome!

Arnica Montana Skincare Benefits

Arnica Montana is also from Europe and is a cheery shade of yellow. It has a classical history of being used for a wide range of ailments. The most popular uses for this Alpine botanical are the benefits it can give your skin. Want to know more? Yes, please! There are two main reasons why the Arnica Montana is superlative for your skincare routine.


Skin Rejuvenation

Arnica Montana has numerous compounds on the inside that are great for your skin, namely:

        • flavonoids
        • volatile oils
        • sesquiterpene lactones
        • carbonic acid
        • coumarins
  • These mixtures are known to cleanse and calm your skin when used in a daily #skincareregimen
  • Have an Active Lifestyle?

    Well, Arnica Montana is the ingredient for you. It can be used as a cream to help bruises heal faster. A few more benefits to know about this beauty: Arnica is acclaimed as being A naturally anti-inflammatory, can fight pain, and reduce irritation and redness from eczema and acne.

St John’s Worth Skin Benefits

St. John’s Worth is another Alpine botanical significantly known in the health market as a natural solution for anxiety and depression. However, this plant has some killer skin healing properties. Talk about a long history; St. John’s list of uses can go on more miles, over hundreds of years. Its name in Latin means to ward off evil spirit. Yes, please ward off-dry and dull skin for me, please… Anyhow, the flowering part of St. John’s Worth is implanted as a carrier essential oil and is also used as a balm for illnesses. Today in the United States, it is one of the most excellent known herbs used by our beauty and #skincarecommunity.

  • Soothes inflamed or irritated skin
  • Cuts down on your body’s aches and pains
  • Helps bruised and damaged skin recover quickly
  • Antiseptic purposes

Suffer from Eczema?

Well, give St. John’s Worth a try and select it as your main ingredient for your custom-made beauty product due to its antibacterial properties. Only you know your skin needs; create a custom body oil or custom facial cream to apply topically on your eczema and fight that nasty inflammation that is known to be a side effect.

Sea Buckhorn

What is one of the best ways to assure healthy and resilient skin, you ask? It would help if you refreshed it with skin nutrients duh, but I bet you already know this. Let me throw one more question at you. What is another thing you can do for healthy skin? It would help if you discovered an ingredient that comes loaded with top-notch vitamins that will nurture your skin, this is your notable discovery. Even more the reason to make your skincare custom beauty products. What am I talking about my friends? Sea Buckthorn oil is inordinately abundant with vitamins and nutrients that, in turn, work together to increase complete skin health and radiant complexion.

So, What Exactly is Sea Buckthorn?

Hippophae Rhamnoides or Sea Buckthorn, however you want to call it, I prefer to say the easier version, anyways, is a little berry that grows on a shrub found in the frigid mountains of Europe and Asia. And pretty much like all herbs and botanicals, was used in ancient times to heal ailments. Two types of Sea Buckthorn oil come from the plant: fruit oil and fruit pulp. Both oils provide delicious skin advantages. I didn’t know that there is an omega 3, 6,7, and 9; anyhow, the seed oil from the buckthorn contains all three of these making it perfect for #aging and #dryskin Did I lose anyone between all the different types of omegas? This can get your focus back; these oils work beautifully to calm inflamed and irritated skin. In any case, the sea buckthorn is the bomb for us for #skinenthusiasts

The Vitamin Profile of Sea Buckthorn

Who could have guessed that this tiny tomato looking berry could be a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients?

I am talking about the affluence of vitamins that can sustain and strengthen your skin.

I don’t know about you, but so far, this is my favorite ingredient, and I think it is the most perfect for a personalized skincare product.

Sea Buckthorn for Acne

The oil from Sea Buckthorn is exceptionally a godsend for anyone that suffers from acne.

It leads the oil glands to stop creating an overflow of sebum. In turn, this steers a decrease in stubborn acne breakouts, also preventing future ones.

You can use Sea Buckthorn oil to help diminish old acne scars, heal current blemishes while giving your skin a smoother-looking texture… Can I get an amen? Wow, just wow.

Sea Buckthorn for Anti-Aging

For anti-aging skin, Sea Buckthorn oil is one of the top favs as an ingredient. It keeps your skin hydrated, helps produce more collagen that, in turn, makes your skin plump, evens out fine lines #skintone, and #wrinkles.

Have you Fallen in Love with an Alpine Botanical Yet?

So now that you got the complete rundown on the top Alpine botanicals used in skincare today, what are you waiting for? Yes, I know I have thrown a lot of Alpine botanicals at you, but have you fallen love with any one or maybe two? Good stuff here, too hard to pick just one as an ingredient for your skincare products. You do not have to choose only one. Are you ready to say goodbye for good to commercialized beauty and skincare products? If I have not convinced you, let me tell you one more fact. Did you know that no two snowflakes are the same?

Customized Skincare Made Easy with My AlpStory

Are you ready to make your own skincare products? Facial cream or oil, night biotics, or beauty oil, which one will it be? Do you have 5 minutes? That is all it takes, my friends, to change your skin for the better, have your own brand, and be your skin ambassador. Get ready to take a brief personalized skincare quiz, then My AlpStory’s Alpine Beauty Expert will take over and help you create your custom formula. Did you know that there are over 50 million ways to create one single formula, your formula, your skin story? Let that sink in for a minute. Your own custom beauty product you make yourself. WOW! Now that you know all the excellent skin benefits that alpine botanicals cover, the most challenging part will be deciding which one you want to use or which ones you want to use. Get started now!

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