Some Natural Ingredients to Consider for Your Personalized Skincare

Most of us think that "natural" is code for better. Unfortunately, there are good and bad natural ingredients.


Let's look at a few natural ingredients that have tremendous benefits for your skin. Some of these natural wonders can help battle breakouts, soothe irritation, treat uneven pigmentation, and even prevent sun damage.


So, if you want to guarantee that the ingredients you are putting on your face are in fact, all-natural and fresh, then consider personalizing your skincare.


You select what ingredients that go into your unique formula, made fresh to order!

What Are Some Natural Ingredients That Work the Best and Are the Safest to Use?

Here are a few of my favorite all-natural ingredients that are perfect for personalized skincare. And after you read about them, you will see why they are my favorite.

Many of us already know the benefits that come from drinking green tea, but are you aware that it is a superhero ingredient in skincare? If not, let me tell you, green tea extract is a powerful class of antioxidants that soothe and act as an anti-inflammatory, calming your skin. The best two benefits, it helps evens out discoloration and diminishes the signs of aging.


Another excellent benefit of using green tea is that it also aids in reversing damage to your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays!

If your skin is in desperate need of hydration and improvement of elasticity, then check out St. John's Wart.

This incredible all-natural ingredient also helps reduce inflammation of the skin from either acne or eczema. It can speed up the healing process of bruises, burns, and scars since it helps your skin cell regenerate and encourages circulation and oxygenated blood to blemished skin.

No one ever wants to talk about getting older, but unfortunately, we all age. As we do, our skin's collagen production starts to slow down; if you start using vitamin C, your collagen increases and helps your skin look firmer and smoother.

Yes, please. Also, vitamin C can help lighten and brighten your skin, prevent blemishes, and decrease any inflammation from certain skin conditions.

Summer is wrapping up, and many of us spent a lot of time outdoors after getting back to somewhat of a normal life after Covid. However, maybe now your skin is paying the price even with your best efforts of applying sunscreen. Have a custom facial cream that uses vitamin E as one of your natural ingredients to help improve your skin from sun damage and protect your skin if you are out in the sun. If your skin is thirsty after being dried out from the summer sun, then use vitamin E. It will help your skin retain its natural moisture to help improve its hydration, promoting cell regeneration and treating current signs of premature aging. Sign me up!  

So, do you love black or cherry licorice? Me, I was never crazy about black licorice, but cherry is my jam; besides being delicious, you would never expect that it is a natural skincare ingredient with excellent benefits.

No, I am not saying to eats tons of licorice to see the benefits for your skin, but I will encourage you to personalize your skincare using it as an ingredient. If you do, you will see your skin lightening, the fading of dark spots, and the improvement in the tone and texture of your skin.

Check Out These Natural Alpine Wildflowers Can Be Used in Your Personalized Skincare Formula

Here are some of my other recommendations of alpine wildflowers that you can use in personalized skincare for everyday skincare needs.


Epilobium Swiss (Sebum Balancer) is a beautiful Alpine wildflower that reduces pore size and sebum production. It is also a natural prebiotic for treating acne.


Mallow Extract-derives from the Swiss Alpine Mallow plant. It has a highly soothing effect on the skin and creates a barrier that can help skin hold onto moisture and prevent elasticity loss, making it an ideal ingredient for anti-aging products.


The Edelweiss Flower-is famous in the movie the Sound of Music. If you have not seen it, this is a must so you can get a particular song stuck in your head; anyways, this rugged yet delicate alpine wildflower is potent with antioxidants; more than that of vitamin C. It helps your skin stay wrinkle-free, supple, and firm.

Make sure to check out our 3-part blog series on Alpine Botanicals and customized skincare products. This series goes more in-depth about the use and benefits of alpine botanicals in personalized skincare.

My AlpStory Knows That Pure and All-Natural Ingredients Matter, So Why Not Personalize Your Skincare?

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