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The Collection

Facial Cream

A powerful custom organic facial cream made from a harmonious blend of Alpine active botanicals to deeply moisturize and replenish my skin from its innermost core revealing a beautiful, radiant complexion.

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Facial Oil

The custom organic facial oil is a powerfully nourishing face serum made from a harmonious blend of rare, active botanicals and essential oils sourced from the European Alps.

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Night Biotics

A powerful custom night serum with prebiotics made from a harmonious blend of Alpine active organic botanicals that will work throughout the night to replenish my skin.

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Beauty Oil

This organic beauty oil is a multi-vitamin powerhouse made with correcting vitamin C and coenzyme Q10 delivers hydrating and invigorating benefits to the neck, cleavage and arms.

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Bath Salt

Mix your own prestigious blend of finest Alpine rock salt derived from the Austrian Alps, naturally comprising magnesium, potassium and zinc – and infuse it with luxurious essential oils. Experience a spa-like retreat with the invigorating power of organic ingredients and essential oils and even add your favorite fragrance.

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Body Lotion

Your custom body milk will be an easily absorbing silky smooth lotion that deeply hydrates the skin. Organic lotions utilize powerful fruit and vegetable carrier oils, butters, and essential oils in order to transform your skin without harsh chemicals.

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