Natural Ingredients to Include in Your Skincare This Fall



Ahhh fall, it is about pumpkin spice and everything nice, especially when it comes to your beautiful face and skin.

Ladies, put down those pumpkin lattes for just a moment, and let us talk about fall ingredients; maybe sitting in your pantry waiting to be used for baking a pumpkin pie or bread, but can also be used for your fall; skincare routine! What? Yes, you read that correctly. As the crisp air of fall sets in, your doll face will be in dire need of more hydration and more nourishment.

On top of that, if you are looking for excellent results with your natural skincare alternatives for your "fall skin," give customized skincare a try. With custom skincare products, rest assured that your unique formula contains the essential ingredients paramount to achieving healthy and vibrant skin. Make sure to check out our both blog Why Natural Ingredients Are Better for Your Skin and Work with Personalized Skincare,” that explains the endless reason with natural ingredients are the way to go with your personalized skincare products.

Let us dive right into it, shall we? So, what are some natural ingredients to include in your skincare this fall?

This is a must-have skincare ingredient to keep your skin hydrated and happy this fall. Pomegranate is super rich in antioxidants and can keep your skin protected from free radicals. Also, pomegranate helps with skin cell regeneration and has high-performance effects. The beauty about pomegranate used in skincare is how multipurpose it can be, which can be an end-all for your fall skincare woes, leaving it with an all-natural glow.



Fall is the optimum time to make a facial oil your new BFF, and better yet, why not a customized facial oil? During the summer, facial oil can feel way too greasy and oily on your skin. However, with lesser humidity in the air during fall’s chillier temps, a customized facial oil may be just what your skin needs to gain back its hydration and feel more protected from the outside elements.


If you are new to facial oil, a great all-natural ingredient to get your feet wet with is squalene oil. Several skin benefits from squalene oil include increased hydration, boosted skin firmness and elasticity, and antioxidant properties.

So, beauty oil is nothing new. From jojoba to argan oil, all share something familiar about skin benefits, but they also have unique characteristics. However, there is a new oil creating a buzz that you will soon hear about if you are not already familiar with it right now. Amid the numerous skin advantages of plum, its super high fatty acid content helps heal cracks in your skin as well as help your skin sustain moisture in the skin barrier.

Not only that, but plum seed oil also offers plenty of vitamins to maintain healthy and radiant skin, including vitamin A and E, that will nourish your thirsty skin and help with cell regeneration.


WOW, now those are some benefits and then some.


Want to know some more magical wonder of plum seed oil? The plentiful antioxidants protect against free-radical damage like UV rays and pollution, while polyphenols improve our skin's ability to defend itself against oxidative stress and lighten hyperpigmentation.


This is a popular ingredient of choice for a custom facial oil or custom body oil since the skin benefits are endless.


This an all-natural ingredient for a custom facial or custom body oil is getting more hype than Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's engagement recently. Argan oil and its incredible benefits for dull and dehydrated skin are huge this time of the year. If you are scared to use any facial oil since it may clog your pores, then get ready to fall in love with argan oil. It is considered one of the best facial oil ingredient alternatives; it is non-comedogenic and won't leave your skin feeling oily or greasy residue on top of your skin. It is also great for anyone that has dry hair. Apply a small amount to the tips of your fingers and run it through the tips of your dry ends.

I am saving my favorite all-natural ingredient that you must consider for customized skincare products since it's simply the best. What is one of the best ways to assure healthy and resilient skin this fall, you ask? It would help if you refreshed it with skin nutrients, duh, but I bet you already know this. Let me throw one more question at you. What is another thing you can do for healthy skin? It would help if you discovered an ingredient that comes loaded with top-notch vitamins that will nurture your skin; this is your notable discovery. Even more, the reason to personalize your skincare, custom facial oil, and custom beauty products. What am I talking about, my friends? Sea Buckthorn oil is inordinately abundant with vitamins and nutrients that, in turn, work together to increase complete skin health and radiant complexion.


Sea buckthorn is a little berry that grows on a shrub found in the frigid mountains of Europe and Asia. And pretty much like all herbs and botanicals, it was used in ancient times to heal ailments. Two types of sea buckthorn oil come from the plant: fruit oil and fruit pulp. Both oils provide delicious skin advantages. I didn't know that there is an omega 3, 6,7, and 9; anyhow, the seed oil from the buckthorn contains all three, making it perfect for #aging and #dryskin. Did I lose anyone between all the different types of omegas? This can get your focus back; these oils work beautifully to calm inflamed and irritated skin. In any case, the sea buckthorn is the bomb for us for #skinenthusiasts.


Who could have guessed that this tiny tomato-looking berry could be a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients?


I am talking about the affluence of vitamins that can sustain and strengthen your skin.


I don't know about you, but so far, this is my favorite ingredient, and I think it is the most perfect for a personalized skincare product.


The oil from sea buckthorn is exceptionally a godsend for anyone that suffers from acne. It leads the oil glands to stop creating an overflow of sebum. In turn, this steers a decrease in stubborn acne breakouts, also preventing future ones.


You can use sea buckthorn oil to help diminish old acne scars, heal current blemishes while giving your skin a smoother-looking texture.


For anti-aging skin, sea buckthorn oil is one of the top favs as an ingredient. It keeps your skin hydrated, helps produce more collagen that, in turn, makes your skin plump, evens out fine lines #skintone, and #wrinkles.


Skin can be temperamental, and so can the weather. When your skin takes a 180-degree turn or the climate changes drastically in a short period, you may notice changes in your skin moisture levels and overall appearance. So, the best way to combat these changes is by including some all-natural ingredients in your fall skincare routine. Better yet, another way to keep up with the changes in your skin and the way the environment affects it is by adopting a personalized skincare routine.

Got five minutes? All you must do is take your My AlpStory personalized skincare quiz; then, you can create your custom facial or body oil or personalized facial cream. After you take your quiz our Alpine Beauty Expert takes over and makes your personalized formula tailored to YOUR skins' needs and concerns. I mean, who knows your skin better than you?  

Are bath salts your thing?

Well, guess what? You can customize those too. Have the ultimate #selfcaresunday with a spa-like oasis, a nice bath soak, then apply your custom body oil. Get started today. Have healthy and velvety smooth, soft skin during the crisp fall nights.